Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to use Launch Control on the Alfa Romeo 4C - Columbus, Ohio

So you've been driving your Alfa Romeo 4C for a couple hundred miles, have unlocked race mode and you're ready for the next level?  Launch Control time!  Watch this quick video tutorial on how to activate and use the Launch Control system on your Alfa Romeo 4C.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is equipped with the "Alfa D.N.A" system level (located on the center console) The Alfa D.N.A selector offers 4 different driving modes.  Natural, All-Weather, Dynamic and Race.
Dynamic - alters the transmission's automatic shift schedule for a sportier drive
Race - for sports driving in closed-course track situations (only). This driving mode is not meant for street or normail driving conditions.  In Race Mode, the transmission can only be operated in manual mode and all drivers assists and aids are turned off.  Experience everything your Alfa Romeo 4C has to offer.  Torque response is faster and gear change times are maximized. Activated through Dynamic and then pressing up on the DNA selector towards Dynamic for another 5 seconds.
Natural - for normal day-to-day driving conditions.  ESC intervention is set to normal while the engine continues to deliver maximum torque.
All-Weather - in poor grip situations such as rain or snow. Your ESC will intervene more quickly whihc minimizes loss of grip on slippery surfaces.

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